Fire & Ink

Fire & Ink:An Anthology of Social Action Writing

Fire and Ink is a powerful and impassioned anthology of stories, poems, interviews, and essays that confront some of the most pressing social issues of our day. Designed to inspire and inform,this collection embodies the concepts of “breaking silence,” “bearing witness,” resistance, and resilience. Beyond students and teachers, the book will appeal to all readers with a commitment to social justice.

Debra Busman, Fire and Ink Anthropology

The passionate pieces making up the collection elevate it into a meditation on the sanctity and wonder of each life. The general quality 
of writing, among both better and lesser known writers of conscience, ensures the collection is as timeless as it is timely. —Publishers Weekly

The book celebrates a genre of writers who document injustice and imagine a future that embraces tolerance, peace and love. These authors believe literature has the power to save lives—and maybe the world. —Texas Observer

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