like a woman

like a woman

“’like a woman’ is gritty but tender: charming in its immodesty and sinewy as a junkyard dog.” Los Angeles Times 

Like Dorothy Allison’s Bastard Out of Carolina, Debra Busman’s like a woman is a vivid coming-of-age story, revealing the lives of teenage girls on the streets of Los Angeles, trying to hold onto their sense of humanity against a backdrop of racism, poverty, sexism, and violence.
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Fire & Ink:
An Anthology of Social Action Writing

Debra Busman, Fire and Ink Anthropology

The passionate pieces making up the collection elevate it into a meditation on the sanctity and wonder of each life. The general quality of writing, among both better and lesser known writers of conscience, ensures the collection is as timeless as it is timely. —Publishers Weekly

The book celebrates a genre of writers who document injustice and imagine a future that embraces tolerance, peace and love. These authors believe literature has the power to save lives—and maybe the world. —Texas Observer

Fire and Ink is a powerful and impassioned anthology of stories, poems, interviews, and essays that confront some of the most pressing social issues of our day. Designed to inspire and inform,this collection embodies the concepts of “breaking silence,” “bearing witness,” resistance, and resilience. Beyond students and teachers, the book will appeal to all readers with a commitment to social justice.

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When the Killers are White: White Violence, White Silence

Combined Grief

Combined Destinies: Whites Share Grief About Racism, eds. Ann Todd Jealous, Caroline Haskell

From their website:  “Ann Jealous and Caroline Haskell have assembled a groundbreaking collection of stories by white Americans who recognize the pain and sorrow that racism has created in their lives.  —Henry Louis Gates Jr., Alphonse Fletcher University Professor, Harvard University, and author of America Behind the Color Line: Dialogues with African Americans

“Our discourse is replete with false dichotomies: environmentalism vs. prosperity, rich vs. poor, and white vs. black. While some special interests thrive on conflict, Americans don’t—we suffer. The first step toward healing is to realize that we’re all in this together. ”  —Van Jones, former Special Advisor to the Obama White House and author of Rebuild the Dream.

Check out:Combined Destinies: Whites Share Grief About Racism, eds. Ann Todd Jealous, Caroline Haskell

The Book of Bad Men

 Eleven Eleven Issue 15, ed. Hugh Behm-Steinberg

Eleven Eleven Issue 15

From Good Reads:

Fifth issue of literary journal published by the graduate writing program at California College of the Arts, edited by Hugh Behm-Steinberg.

Check it out here:The Book of Bad Men or Eleven Eleven Issue 15, ed. Hugh Behm-Steinberg

Like a Woman and Pigs and Donuts

feat. in Street Lit: Representing the Urban Landscape, eds. Keenan Nooris

Like A Woman, Publications
Like A Woman, Publications

From their website: 

Not only will we give voice to the competing sides in the debate around street lit’s artistic validity, but the collection also chronicles street lit’s history as a sub-genre within African-American letters about urban spaces dating back decades, the mechanics of its commercial emergence in the 1990s, and its contribution to current understandings of mass incarceration, poverty and violence in America.

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Street Lit: Representing the Urban Landscape, eds. Keenan Nooris